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Running Head: English 102 Reflection 1

English 102 Reflection Essay
Catelin Flaherty
Neumann University

Since the beginning of the semester in English 102 we began to learn and continue to learn about types of genres, frameworks and different topics available in order to better understand what we are interested in writing about. We have discussed a variety of global issues and arguments that can really have an effect on our lives personally. The reason we have multiple opportunities in class and out to better understand these global issues is to prepare us for our argumentative essay. If you know nothing about a topic, or your views about it, how can you argue for it or against it? We have watched multiple videos that provided us with the opinions of others, and read articles written by people just like us dealing with the same issues.

English 101 is better described as the beginning building blocks to the final product. You learn things in English 101 that are meant to be your guide lines, and help you throughout each of the English courses you will take. You write multiple papers to familiarize you with the writing structure and help you gain confidence in your work. You learn key terms and the dos and don’ts of writing. English 102 takes you inside them guide lines. It explains in great detail and depth all of these key terms to help build you into a better writer. English 102 talks more about scholarly writing and how to build a well-structured essay that can be viewed by jobs, schools, interns, etc. English 101 is more of our own personal writing with essays such as a reflection, and memoir, it makes it easier to write freely. English 102 deals with structure and data. Making sure you have enough resources to back up your essay and help you and the reader better understand the stance you are taking.

In English classes I know I usually always feel worried when it comes to choosing “scholarly” words. Trying to make my essay seem...
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