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In 1511.after 10 days besieged, the Portuguese colonised Malacca on 24 August. The fall of our beloved Malacca city is due to the defense information of Malacca being leaked by Si Kitol. (Wikipedia) Si Kitol is which acts as the culprit who spread lies and divide the Malay kingdom of Malacca resulted in the destruction of the previously highly standing Melacca city throughout the world.(Amin, 2012) So,as we can see just a bit of information given by Si Kitol can result the destruction of a vast empire.This proves that betrayal to the country will not only cost the citizen but also the development of the country.In another aspect,we can look at Laftenan Adnan(picture 1) who faught with his life and blood for the sake of his country.Is the struggles and sacrifices Laftenan Datuk Adnan(picture 1) made to lose his life at the age of 27 worth? Is there any today's children who will want to follow in the footsteps of this great hero? Certainly if Laftenan Datuk Adnan can see Malaysia today so prosperous and rapidly developing, he certainly will not regret defending this country with blood of his life.His courage is also recognized by General Yamashita, known as the Tiger of Malaya. He said "If there were 10 Laftenan Adnan, Malaya will not fell to the Japanese".

(Wikipedia, n.d.)[pic]

Picture 1:Laftenan Adnan

This shows the bravery and ready to sacrifice for the country attitude of the honourable Laftenan Adnan. The difference of Si Kitol,the betrayer of nation and Laftenan Adnan, the warrior of Malaya can be seen clearly. Back to our current condition of our citizens, we might not be a very bad betrayer like Si Kitol, but if it is observed clearly we are betraying our country in many ways whether intentionally or unintentionally. Have we forgotten our country’s pillars which is from blood of warriors? Are we going to continue to make the pillars fall in front of our own eyes? How are we actually betraying our country?

First, we are betraying our...
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