Topics: Suicide, Suicide methods Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: April 24, 2013
-I feel like a theme could be like the desire for control.
When McMurphy comes into the ward the first thing he does in belittle people in his own sense of the way by playing on their emotions. He makes people feel uncomfortable and then wants to know who the “bull goose loony” is , as in who the craziest person there is, because he wants to overshadow that person.

* Another is how institution run the risk of being oppressive and corrupt.

Randall Patrick McMurphy
McMurphy is charismatic, sexual, and boisterous to the extreme--a "gambling fool" who looks out primarily for his own self-interest and matches wits with Nurse Ratched in the book's primary conflict. He also seems to care deeply about his fellow inmates, often putting justice and their well-being over his own desires to escape the institution--which inevitably costs him his sanity. McMurphy represents freedom and self-determination versus societal repression--a battle McMurphy ultimately loses in order to pave the way for the rest of the patients to see the light. In many ways, he becomes a sacrificial lamb for the sake of enlightenment and awakening, both within the novel and for readers. McMurphy's character is remembered as a martyr who inspires real-world social change.

“ Which one of you nuts has got any guts?

Chief Bromden
Chief is the narrator of the story and for most of the book, he’s just an observer. He watches how McMurphy interacts with the men, what McMurphy is trying to do, and how the staff reacts. Because Chief pretends to be deaf and unable to speak, people talk freely around him, allowing him to learn their secrets. Although he appears powerless, he actually has a lot of power because of all the knowledge he’s gained through observation and listening in on conversations.

Chief has a theory about the way the world works: it’s all a great big machine (called the Combine) and everybody is just part of this machine. The parts that are broken are sent to this...
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