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  • Published: April 16, 2013
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YaSheka Lewis
Prof. J. Waldon
English 122
26 April 2012

Through life’s turmoil I find peace
I pondered a many nights to find an author that would satisfy my ideas and thoughts. Probably the last person in the class to decide who I would write about, one night that little light bulb in my head went off. I have gone through many things in my life that only one author could describe. Though fictional to some, it was real life for me. Through Not Easily Broken and Woman Thou Art Loosed, Bishop Jakes provide insight and understanding in how to convert the many difficult situations life presents into victorious outcomes when faith is applied. Thomas Dexter Jakes was born in South Charleston, West Virginia, on June 9, 1957. Jakes was the youngest sibling of three. His father owned his own custodial business and his mother was a school teacher. As a child Jakes’ siblings would be outside playing and he would be in the back yard preaching to an imaginary congregation. At an early age he and his siblings knew there was a special anointing on his life to preach the word of God. His father grew ill in his early years. Although he was the youngest of his brothers and sisters, he began making money delivering newspapers and selling Avon. After the passing of his father, Jakes dropped out of school two months prior to graduation. He later went on to get a g.e.d. Making an attempt at college, he began to face the challenges we all face at some point in life and had to drop out. He had also started a part-time ministry, which prevented educational studies. Finding a University that took life experiences and turned them into college credits, Jakes earned a bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree from Friends International Christian University. Starting a career as a minister in 1979 was the beginning of the life of Bishop T.D. Jakes, as we know him today. He married in 1981, started a radio program in 1987, and ministry began exploding in 1990. “Determined to help women deal with their emotional pain, he wrote and self-published a book called Woman, Thou Art Loosed! In this 1993 work, Jakes emphasized the universality of the experiences of women and urged them to take pride in their worth and responsibility for their happiness.” In ’94, Bishop went on national TV, BET, and in ’96 moved along with 50 of his staff members to Dallas, TX. “Jakes decided to name his nondenominational church The Potter's House--a tribute to Jeremiah's description of God as a potter who puts broken vessels back together. The name reflected his decision to focus his ministry on helping people who are broken in spirit. My assignment is to open the door of the Church for hurting people and refocus what the Church was meant to be in our society, he said.” Focused and determined to mend the broken woman, Woman Thou Art Loosed, focuses on turning the past hurts through faith into positive situations. The book focuses on many different things women, children, and even men face in their lives and relationships that prevent them from being whole. Although Jakes initially was focusing on the woman because of the couples he had counseled in ministry, today I believe helps men as well. “Although the problem may be rooted in the past, the prescription is a present word from God!” (Jakes) We may have experienced some issues that have deep roots, they are still capable of being mended through the Word of God. From the battered wife, the abused daughter, the single mother, the woman with insecurities Woman Thou Art Loosed provides hope healing and a reason to hope for another day. Bishop Jakes provides a word of comfort, healing, concern and a sense of a deep cleansing to the soul of these individuals. The bible gives scriptures for each of these situations, allowing Jakes to provide inspiration that is heartfelt and sincere to each of the persons involved in this type of situation. This book can be read by the teen age...
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