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College life is the stage in a teenager's life where they develop their sense of responsbility. They should be responsible for their deeds in school as they face their responsibilities as a student. They also encounter situations wherein they should be able to choose their own paths to take, make their own decisions and stand in their own feet. As a college student, there are some factors that influence them such as peers, parents, degree of difficulty of the subjects involved and technology and many more others. These factors contribute in making the decisions of college students in choosing the major course they would like to focus on. Being a college student is not that simple. You have to develop your self to become a better individual in order for you to have the sincerity and dedication to your course.

Some prefer to take up the course that most of their friends would take because they want to be alongside each other. The bond of their friendship is strong enough that it can influence and encourage others to be with them. They like to feel that they belong to, and this is only possible if they have circle of friends that surrounds them and are able to make them feel needed. College life is difficult and complicated that students of this genereation experience different kinds of hardships and struggles. Parents are always there to support them whenever they need them. They are there to provide for them and to consult for whatever concerns they have. But there are some cases in which students are compelled to take the course that their parents want them to take up. Even if this course is not what they want to have in their college life but their parents would like them to take this up for their futures to be shaped and ready. Subjects are what the students first look up to, whether they are easy or diffiult. Whether there are a lot of projects and requirements needed and if they feel like they are capable of passing that kind of standards the course requires.

College of Business and Accountancy of the University of Saint La Salle offers eight (8) programs; Accountancy, Economics, Marketing, Operations Management, Hospitality Management, Agriculture, Management Accountancy and Business Management. Each major course requires different personalities and characteristics that a student must have in order to succeed in his chosen major course. It is not clear to students on what they should choose because of various factors that influence and affect their decisions. Each course has a unique and distinct way of teachings, approaches and also different requirements that a students must comply. Commerce students should be able to decide on what major they will be taking up before they proceed in their 3rd year in the unversity since that year all must have their chosen majors already. 2nd year commerce students find it hard to decide for there are a lot of factors such as behaviours, parents, frends and financial issues that affects their decisions.

There are a lot of factors that are able to affect and influence the decisions of the students. Therefore, there is a need to conduct a research study on the different factors that affect the decisions of students in choosing their major course in order to identify what factor influence them the most.

Statement of the Problem

this study aims to determine the factors CBA students consider in choosing their major courses. Specifically, the study aims to:
determine the behaviour of students in choosing their major course; determine the greatest factor that affect their decisions about choosing their major courses; determine the differences of each of the major courses offered

Significance of the Study
This study hopes to find out what is the greatest factor that influences the decisions of the students of the College of Business and Accountancy in the University of St. La Salle in choosing their major courses....
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