Anna Sáfrán

Heart of Darkness
by Joseph Conrad
Essay about the colonization and Mr Kurtz

The novella is written by Joseph Conrad who was inspired by his Congo’s journey. The lead character name is Marlow who is the one of the narrators. The story is about the colonization. Firstly I would like to write about that. In that time the European aimed to civilise the natives no matter how aggressive way. It is noticeable that Conrad has never agreed with that. My favourite part of the novella is: his black steersman’s death. He gives us a long description about the black man’s dying; however, it just took few minutes. He described his face, his way of looking which was worried. He has felt sorry for him. Marlow said there was a connection between them. He realised that this connection is exists after he died. When he removed the spear from the steersman’s body he felt his body was too heavy. I think the reason why Marlow felt that is the consciousness of how pathetic was the black man’s life. Joseph Conrad has not written about it at all but it has to be the reason. Marlow knew that the black men’s role on the ship is to be slaves. He could not let his steersman to be eaten by the cannibals. He threw the body to the sea. Marlow and Conrad knew: the natives don’t want to be civilized. They described perfectly the misery and the fact that the European’s stations were unserviceable. That is why they could not improve anything. The main thing, which shows that Conrad was against with the colonization, is: he pulled the string of the whistle when they were leaving from the station. Admittedly he did that because he knew the natives were afraid of the whistle, they will run away. He didn’t want to the others pulled their guns out because he prefers the calmness and the peace. The other interesting thing in the novella is Kurtz’s character. He appeared in the end of the story when he was dying. But people talked about him during the full story. Marlow mentioned him...
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