Topics: Medicine, Family, Parent Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Syerra Donaldson
January 9, 2013
John Milavec Memorial Award
A Glimpse of Hope
Everyone growing up has something they envision themselves doing in the future. We all hope to become, in some way, beneficial to our world. For me, being a medical doctor has always been my dream and in order to become that, I must first succeed in my education.

Trials and tribulations are nothing new to me; growing up has been rather difficult but I am determined to succeed. My mother was a single parent that always provided for me and my four siblings and although we didn’t have everything, life was good. Unfortunately, that was all cut short when I was in the fifth grade, my mother passed away from a terrible and cruel disease that raged her body for years. Being the youngest, my world was shattered and my grief was almost unmanageable. I was cast into a lonely life and was separated from my siblings. After many years of solitary and no stable home, my grandmother took us all in despite her old age. Growing up, my grandmother always reminded me that the only way to be successful and make her proud was to focus and get an education. I have always been grateful to my grandmother for her strength and courage. She took care of all of us with a single paycheck and never showed any sign of weakness. Because I know my grandmother struggles to provide for me, I assist her in every way that I possibly can. Staying focused in school and earning scholarships shows her that I am serious about my success.

Despite my hardships and rough upbringing, I have never pitied or allowed myself to make any excuses for failure. I am strong and will continue to pursue a better life. Being accepted into college has proven to me that I can accomplish my dreams and winning this award would further assist me in making something of myself. The passion that I feel for the medical field would be even more heightened if I could have all the materials, such as books, needed to succeed in my education. I...
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