Topics: Barack Obama, Nonverbal communication, United States Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: February 22, 2013
EDU: 111 Speech
LaShelle Riley

When giving a speech, it is always good to represent yourself with a good appearance, using good communication, adapting well with others, practice your speech before you go to present it, and let the audience know you want to make a difference. Barack Obama approaches the stand with good posture and was ready to present his speeches. When President Obama came out he greeted the crowd by shaking hands and smiling. Barack Obama came out with very professional attire. From a nonverbal perspective, Obama tended to use a more open style with his body language. Barack Obama behavior was great. Body language plays and important roll on how others see you as a person or how you act. Articulation is whether or not your mouth, tongue, and teeth coordinate to make a word understandable to others. There was also a part in the State of The Union Address where Obama said “The State of Our Union Is Stronger.” Obama demonstrated active listening through nonverbal communication. Using nonverbal communication skills represents in demonstrating bodily responsiveness, leaning forward, use direct orientation, maintaining relaxed but alert posture, and establish an open body position, use positive, responsive facial expressions and head movement, establish direct eye contact, sit or stand closely to the speaker, be vocally responsive, and provide supportive utterances.

Obama was excited about giving his speech. He gave really good eye contact to the audience and was showing good posture. He was polite and well spoken. He was ready to get the audience’s attention. Obama did a great job at analyzing his speech. He adapted to the audience well. There are four levels of audience analysis which include captive/voluntary audiences, demographic analysis, audience and topic age and interest, and the audience’s attitude’s, beliefs, and values. Obama wants to fight for what is right. Barack Obama was calm and composed while...
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