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The relationship between composer and context is clearly seen in the poems ‘South Of My Days’ and ‘Train Journey’. A pivotal moment in Wright’s career occurred during WWII when her father requested that she return to the family’s sheep station. On the train journey home she realised that the land through which she was travelling was where she belonged. This reconnection with the land determined the future direction of her poetry.

South Of My Days demonstrates the relationship between composer and context as Wright’s connection to the land is evident. In the poem ‘South Of My Days’ Wright emphasises the effect of imagery which shows the physical identification with land and ancestoral ties throughout the first line “South of my days’ circle, part of my blood’s country,”. Colloquial language is used to imply that the traveller is friendly “will turn up again some day in a wave of rambler roses,”. Halfway through the first stanza, Judith Wright uses personification to create an image of a fragile landscape of winter through “of bony slopes wincing under the water”. Her deep connection to the land and seasons highlights her context, which is a connection with the Australian bush.

‘Train Journey’ emphasises the relationship between Wright and the Australian bush through her appreciation of nature. In the poem ‘Train Journey’ the scene is set using a persona through this line “Glassed with cold sleep and dazzled by the moon”. The term ‘glassed’ refers to how she is glassed in by the windows of the train and as she split up from nature by the piece of engineering that is conveying her across the Australian landscape. The trees are described through a simile “and the small trees on their uncoloured slope”, this simile refers literally to the trees, their branches articulate and pointed, pointing upwards in a purposeful direction, and moving from the wind that passes through their leaves and branches. Personification is shown by Wright throughout this line “under...
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