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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Introduction to become an Alim
* The first thing is to act upon what has been thought, the person who seek knowledge and does not act upon it will become mislead. * Always respect everyone and never do something that which will lower your dignity because now you are representing Islam; it not so hold your own respect it is so you hold the respect of Islam. * Never act proud that you an educated a person verily Allah dislike the people who are proud and arrogant. * Be humble and soft with classmates, even if he/she treats you unjustly to you. * When you asked a question by a person who is hard of learning and he/she ask for explanation over and over again don't become angry and just true your best to understand the question. * IF you are asked a question and you don't know then say 'I DON'T KNOW' and don't make the answer up. * Always stay on the topic when asked a question.

* If someone correct you and you are wrong and admit that he is right. Never deny HAQ (truth) and always accepts the truth.

The Ethics of the teacher

* Always rush to giving Salam the teacher.
* Talk minimum in front of your teacher.
* When the teacher enter the room stand up in the honor and respect. * Don't say that someone talked against you.
* Don't ask a question to anyone around the teacher because if they don't know the answer they will feel embarrassed. * Don't go against the teacher’s opinion.
* Don't laugh in front of the teacher
* Only ask them question when they are at home, not in public * One should stop the teacher from teaching when they are tiered. * To be humbled in front the teacher.
* Listen to the lecture with full attention.
* before studying seek permission then read Istiadah and Bismillah, then make a dua once finished lesson

Intention of an Alim-e-Deen
When a student of deen is studying his intention should be to please Allah and to help towards Nabi mission and also to show other members...
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