Topics: Croydon, London Borough of Croydon, BRIT School Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: February 5, 2013
How Lucky You Are

Do you ever stop for a second to remember how lucky you are? Max doesn’t until he meets Ishraqi, a parentless girl from Iran, who hopes to get a better future in England. ‘How Lucky You Are’, written by Debi Alper, is about a teenage boy named Max. Ever since Max’ father left the family, he’s been having problems. When Max meets Ishraqi, he offers her to show her around in London. They quickly bond and they even share two kisses. When Ishraqi is send back to Iran, Max realizes how lucky he is. He has a loving mother, he goes to a good school and he has every single possibility to make it big in life.

The main theme is how people often take their privileges for granted. The main character, Max, forgets to appreciate the things he got. He discusses a lot with his mother. Max thinks she worries too much. She keeps nagging him about school and taking responsibility. But his short friendship with Ishraqi makes him reconsider his life. He realizes how lucky he is for having so many possibilities and he starts appreciating his mother more.

“He thought about Ishraqi not knowing if her parents were alive or dead and resolved not to argue with his mum for once” Line, 71, page 12.

Max is 16 years old, he lives in London with his mother. Max’ father left because he had to ‘find’ himself. He hates his father for leaving the family. Max’ mother has been crying herself to sleep since she left. On the outside Max seems like a tough guy, he is careless about such things as school, he smokes his own home-made cigarrettes and he argues a lot with his mother. He doesn’t care about the people around him unless they make a direct impact on him. Max is also very creative, he goes to The Brit School, it’s a school where he is allowed to express himself creatively.

“The Brit School in Croydon was the ideal setting to nurture his strenghts and guide him onto constructive paths” Line 6, page 8 
When Max meets Ishraqi his point of view in life changes....
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