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Our Beloved Bear
By the time I was three, my parents had decided to get a family pet for us. Our neighbor’s chow chow had just had puppies so we took one of them and named him Bear because he was black, fluffy and resembled a little bear cub. I have very fond memories of him and one certain one comes to mind every now and then. When I was around the age of seven, I would climb on Bear’s back and he would carry me around the backyard. Looking back, I can remember feeling so on top of the world and full of excitement. He was one of my best friends growing up and every day after school I would look forward to seeing him. In 2006, we moved and of course brought Bear along with us, but he wasn’t adapting well to his new home. Within the first couple months we were living here, he would eat the rocks in our backyard and after a while, we had to take him to a veterinarian to get the rocks out. Even after this happened, Bear continued to eat them and eventually passed away due to digestive complications. It took me a while to get over the death of, who I consider, a family member. Of course people are going to love and take care of their pets, but in my opinion, it should only go to a certain extent and not be so exaggerated.

Losing a loved pet is always a tragedy but the matter of the fact is that as time goes by, the loss gets easy to deal with and we eventually get over it. In “The Last Meow”, an article from The New Yorker, Bilger argues that Americans nowadays have been going to great lengths to keep their pets alive. For example, Shawn Levering from the article was referring to his pet cat when he stated, "I think she would definitely benefit from dialysis. It won't make her kidneys better, but it will buy her time to see if she's a good candidate for a transplant." This is a sort of extreme that people go to, in which they put aside the recognition of the expenses to keep their pets living longer. And another point I want to address is the fact that many...
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