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Breannda Stalker

Mrs. Swiatkowski

English III

September 16, 2011

ACT Writing Prompt

When you were in school have you ever came back from vacation and forgot what you have learned? Most kids when they come back from summer vacation they forgot most of the material they had just learned. Or during school students complain “I want more time off”. No one gets excited about school but if kids were used to getting no summer break then they wouldn’t have the need to want more time off. The traditional three-summer vacation should not be maintained because over summer students forget what they learned, the holiday breaks will be longer, and the students will be able to learn more.

The three-month summer vacation should not be maintained. Other opponents may argue that students need the summer break to get away from all of the stress of school and that students need more breaks. However, if the three-month vacation was not maintained there would be less stressful situations because there would be more time to do work. Also students would get longer holiday breaks and more half days. Doesn’t it make more sense to have multiple vacation time then one chunk of it? The three-month summer vacation clearly should not be maintained.

For instance, during summer vacation students are not thinking about school, the students are thinking about having fun. For example when the students come back to school they do not remember most of the material they have learned. There are many kids out there that hate coming back to school, so they never want to learn or they do not care. But for every new school year in the first few weeks teachers have to review what material was previously taught so the students well remember. That is a waste of time. If there was no summer vacation then the first two or three weeks wouldn’t be wasted on review.

In addition, with no three- month vacation the students would be able to soak in a lot more knowledge and actually remember...
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