Topics: Family, Mother, Samurai Pages: 3 (1164 words) Published: January 16, 2013
In this chapter, I learned about the main character Takiko. She is eleven years old and the daughter of Lord Moriyuki, a samurai warrior.. The daughter of a samurai warrior does not cry over things. It said in the book “the daughter of a samurai does not scream when her hair is being combed. Indeed she makes no sound at all” however when Takiko was getting her hair combed she cried “Choko! Youre trying to kill me!” takiko thought to her self all servants are stupid. She wasn’t like the other daughts of sumuria warriors who were forced to learn the arts of entertainment, but she had music inside of her. She was a maker of music. Takiko’s father said to Takiko “Woman, you are the daughter and the wife of samurai”, and “You must care for your mother in my absence, Takiko” Her father was talking about when he was dead, that he wanted her to takecare of her mother. Takiko responded saying “yes, father”. She was annoyed with her father mentioning how much she would make a good marriage. Her mind was on the music of warfare, instead. Takiko found out her father was dead. All her father wanted in life was a son, which he never got; and honor. Takiko’s aunt said to takiko “don’t ever love a man, takiko. They are only grief whether they live or die.” When takiko’s mother was upset and stood up and walked away, Takiko followed after her. Her aunt told her to sit down, but Takiko remembered what her father told her about watching over her mother. Takiko’s mother tells takiko about Goro, a handsome man who makes an honest living as a potter. He is not a samurai. Goro asked takikos mother to marry him and to live with him in Shiga.Takiko was tired of living with her aunt, so she agreed to this. However takiko couldn’t leave until a few weeks so her mother could have time to settle herself in with her new husband. Takiko’s aunt had decided this. Takiko hated her aunt. she couldn’t wait until she lived with her mom and left “this house of hypocristy” I don’t blame takiko...
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