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Brave New World Detailed Outline
Topic Sentence;
In 1932, a write by the name of Aldous Huxley had published the novel Brave New World which was set in London, England during the year 2540. In 1999, the Modern Library ranked Brave New World fifth on the list of the 100 best selling English-language novels of the 20th century as well as fifty three out of a hundred in the Top 100 Greatest Novels of All Times in 2003. Thesis;

The protagonist in Huxley's Brave New World is Bernard Marx. Bernard is an out cast from society and is from the highest class found in the World State. It is evident that Aldous had based Bernard's character off of famous historical figures, the germain philosopher Karl Heinrich Marx as well as an Irish Playwright, George Bernard Shaw. In the next few paragraphs you'll observe the similarities between the three individuals. All three men have the same opinion on most topics, including the following; the rights of women, their vue on society 162

1st paragraph;
In the story Bernard over hears Henry Foster and his assistant talking about Lenina. Quote; " Yes, I really do advise you to try her," Henry Foster was saying. Bernard was so offended and disgusted by the way that they were talking about Lenina, like she was a piece of meat. This is one of the traits that had been based off the historical figure, George Bernard Shaw. George advocated for the equal political rights for woman (relation to property and the means to life) George thought that everyone deserved to be equal and woman should not be mistreated. Which is the exact same way that Bernard felt about Lenina.120
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