English 1302- Story of an Hour, Yellow Paper, Jury of Peers

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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"The Story of an Hour" (pages 353-354)
1. This technology of the telegram(newspaper) is an invention when the story was written. It takes place in the story mentioning the list of people who where killed in the railroad disaster. Louise’s husband’s friend, Richards, saw Louise’s husband, Brently on the list of those killed. Without this technology, I do not think the story could be possible. Richards learned about the train accident thought the telegram as well as Josephine. Louise would not die if she would never knew about the train accident. Specially because her husband was never in the train. Today’s Technology is very advanced thought newspaper, television news, and radio news. I do not think this story can still be possible because today’s technology do not make mistakes. They have to make sure before they tell family members of the people who were killed at the accident.

2. The advantage of those double meanings to illustrate Louise’s feelings was the fact that Louise has “heart trouble” is what seems to make the announcement of Brently’s death so threatening. A person with a weak heart, after all, would not deal well with such news. When Louise reflects on her new independence, her heart races. When she dies at the end of the story, the diagnosis of “heart disease” seems appropriate because the shock of seeing Brently was surely enough to kill her. But the doctors conclusion that she’d died of overwhelming joy is ironic because it had been the “loss of joy that had actually killed her.”

"The Yellow Wallpaper" (pages 354-365)
1. My perceptions of the narrator’s action are completely identified with the women in the wall paper.

2. The narrator’s relation to the wallpaper parallel the status of the women in patriarchal society. The narrator describes her dislike for her bedroom wallpaper, a dislike that intensifies into obsession. The yellow wallpaper in her room is parallel to the author’s disgust and anger toward a society in which a...
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