Topics: Gender, Male, Female Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Jakarian 2
Gender Inequality Carla Jakarian Eng 203/Section 27 Juheina Fakhreddine Yakzan Wednesday October 31, 2012 Essay 1

The candle burns not only for us but for all those who were abused, who were oppressed and who were just the victims of social pressure. Nowadays the growing social pressure is affecting people in many different aspects. Gender inequality is one of the subunits of social pressure which is the unequal distribution of privilege between males and females. This means that females, the victims of social pressure, are under the supervision of males having less rights and less saying in the society.

Arab woman is oppressed. According to many people they don’t have the right to be educated because their duty is simply remaining home and obeying the male’s rules. “But do you know how to read? Will you be able to read street signs?”(Ghobashy, p.168). This question was directed to an Arab woman because they consider her not to be educated. Even the basic knowledge which is reading and writing they consider it not to be important for females. To them female must know how to cook, how to clean the house and how to be respectful towards the male’s decisions. Do you think it is not important for her to know how to read street signs when she is lost? Social pressure is narrowing the field of education for females but education of female is more important than the education of male since when you educate a male, you just educate him but when you educate a female, you educate a generation. To be educated and educate a generation, females must be free in their...
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