English 121 Week 2 Writing Assignment

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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Reasons Why I Went Back To School
Robyn Curry
ENG 121
Kathy Graham
August 30, 2012

Everyone has to work for a living. The choice is yours whether or not you enjoy it. I am fortunate that I enjoy my career field; I just don’t love the monetary benefits. This, among many other reasons, is why I decided to go back to school. Obtaining a job that pays better, showing my kids how important having an education is, and challenging myself to make a better life for my family are the reasons why I went back to school.

There are many titles I have held in my professional career. I have held positions as a receptionist, an accounts payable clerk, and an office manager. . I am an administrative assistant by trade. In simple terms, I am a paper pusher. Unfortunately, the salary of such a position does not pay well without formal training and an education. This was one of my main reasons for returning to school. Hours were spent job hunting. Each opportunity that sounded promising ended in despair due to the fact that I didn’t have the required degree or experience. I became desperate to make extra income. Eventually a bogus employment scam lured me in. I was allegedly hired to do call center quality control. The position required me to enter in my information, answer the calls that came in, and record my experience. Joshua from Ashford University was once such call that changed my life. He made it sound so easy to go back to school that I enrolled immediately.

It was very exciting to tell my two teenagers that I had made the choice to finish my education. It has been said that children learn through example, what better example to be than to actually do what I am trying to compel my children do? Not to mention it is fun when we all sit down and do our homework together. I finally am gaining the knowledge to help them with their assignments. All too often I find myself lecturing the kids about doing better than I have. No matter how hard I try they are going...