English 121

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Diagnostic Essay

Rosetta Harper
Work Preference
Instructor Sherita Smedley
English 121 Composition
March 25, 2013

I don’t think my job is what’s typically listed out for people, but I think it a job that actually does utilize a lot of my strengths even if there are many element of it that aren’t ideal for me and that require me to play more of an extroverted role than I’d naturally preference also, I’m not passionate about the industry I am in. I’m a Daycare Provider that requirement lots of children’s. So, I spend my days in meeting working with parents with children’s that need looking over while they go to work. I find that I am able to work with people actually don’t mind me keeping they children’s. I work with people that not offended by the communication modes and reaction on behavior children I have to teach. I can also work well with elder people. I know that this is going to be a challenge against what I supposed to be. According to theory and what’s I said on my application. But two of the children I work with is handicap so I bump head with the parent with my major I get off on the wrong foot with them and can’t ever get back on the right track so I had to remove them, so I have two position opened. The other aspects of my job that fall into my strength set are the analytical component, and being able to tie together more complex processes, and finally just been able to naturally stay on top of things and account for everything that on my plate. I’m very results oriented and want to get stuff done. Finally, being able to read decently and comprehend what it is saying, you wouldn’t really associate the titles I hold with an Daycare, but there are unspoken aspects of the job that is very nicely with my lazy butt lifestyle. Actually, it’s miserable, but the point is I’m more okay with being alone and having nothing to do than most people, also I, am exceptionally patient, so I can hold down my sanity longer than others could in the same...
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