English 112.

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Stepping into Mrs.Kinney's room was like walking into through the perfume section at Walmart. The smell of plenty of different fragrances was enough to make a persons nose burn. It was the first day of classes, and it being only the second period of the day, which meant that peoples scents were still going strong.

The room was bright, though the fluorescent bulbs lined up perfectly along the ceiling had a major part in that, the sun was shinning through the windows on the left side of the room. The chalk boards located at the front of the classroom were as clean as could be and almost looked brand new, if it were not for the scratches. The right and back walls were filled with posters and pictures of previous graduates. The shelves around the room stacked with everything an English room would need from dictionaries and thesauruses to loose-leaf and pencils. The room seemed to have a particular place for everything, right down to the 6 rows of desks that were place in straight lines facing the front of the room.

As I was worried about being late, I rushed myself to class forgetting we had an eight minute break. So of course I was one of the first ones in the room. One of the first things I noticed when I came into that room was that there was no seating plan or assigned seats. Now I am the type of person who does not really care where I sit or where anyone else sits for that matter. However, I love seating plans, it gives you a chance to interact with people that you probably never would otherwise talk to. Plus it keeps the talking in the room to a minimum. Which really comes in handy when we are doing individual class work. So I guess this is my way of asking for a seating plan. Also I would like to state that asking a peer a question about an assignment might be helpful but it is a distraction. Now I wasn't sure if Mrs.Kinney was a "spitter" like Mr.McIsaac, or a big "yeller" like some of the other teachers, so I settled into a seat in the third row from...
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