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01/22/12Manisha Ramlu

English 11 Final EssayMr. WebberPrincess Margaret Secondary

In this English 11 course, I have experienced many different aspects of English literature. This course had taught me the skills that I can carry onto the future as well as today. Through integration of reading and writing, listening and speaking , viewing and representing, English 11 is designed to develop critical thinking skills. Through the genres of English literature, I was encouraged to expand my critical reading, writing and speaking skills. The main topics I have studied in this course are short stories, poetry, novel studies, Macbeth, and informational texts. Through it all, I have appreciated literature and also became a life-long reader after taking this course.

Short Stories was one of the major topics we have learnt through out this course. A short story contains five elements; the plot , character, setting, atmosphere, and style. The plot is an arrangement of incidents or events in a story. Every short story follows a plot line. In a plot line the opening situation occurs first which the reader is often told where and when the story occurs it introduces the character. Then comes the inciting force, a conflict is usually established between characters. Next in a plot line is the rising action. The rising action is the conflict between characters develops and becomes more pronounced. The climax is after the rising action this stage is the moment of greatest suspense. Finally you read the final outcome that’s when the writer has ties up any loose ends and hopes that the reader will leave satisfied. In a short story there are many types of characters such as a flat character, a round character, a protagonist, and antagonist. The setting is the physical back ground of the story where and when the story takes place. Atmosphere is the mood or tone of the story. Short stories can be written in many styles such as formal, informal, colloquial or slang.

There are many different short stories that you can read. One of the short stories that was read in the English 11 course was called Tracks. Tracks is a about a girl name Linda. Linda was sitting outside her great aunt’s hotel watching he steam engines go by and listening to the clop-clop of horses as they pulled wagons down the cobbled road. She was taking a short break from tending to all her chores at the inn : mopping the ballroom, fixing the cornbread for guests and tending the fire in the wood burning stove. Linda had an assiduous nature and always strove to make sure her tasks were done properly and without waste of time. But that day she took a quick respite to daydream about the party she was going to that evening. That evening she had to go to the party by the tracks , as known as the train. It was Linda’s first time to cut through the train, at first she was a bit nervous but in the end everything went just fine.

Another short story we have read in English 11 is called Remains of a Marriage. This story is about Kelsey and Robert. They had planned to build their dream home on a bucolic site which ended up to be an Indian burial ground. Kelsey did not want to build on a site with human remains. She believed it would be irreverent to the dead. Kelsey also had a fear inside her that ghosts shall haunt her , rattling her cupboards and shaking her floorboards. Kelsey had knew that building their house on an Indian burial site was not a good idea!

Two Fishermen was a short story read in English 11. The story is about Michael Foster, a young reporter working in a small town, dreams of one day writing for one of the larger city newspapers. He's put to a test when coming upon the hanging of a man named Thomas Delaney, who had murdered an older man out of revenge for the raping of his wife. Michael Foster was in search for answers to his story when encountering Mr. K Smith, the hangman for Thomas Delaney hanging....
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