English 108 Torture Essay

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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“It should not be Permissible to Torture Suspected Terrorists to Gather Information” by Vincent Iacopino and “The Case for Torture” by Michael Levin both use different techniques to defend their stance against torture. However, both authors use deductive reasoning to defend their opinion on torture and both authors have similarities through out their essays and use some of the same examples to explain their argument. Both essays make a strong argument against torture but I feel Michael Levin’s essay “The Case for Torture” is stronger in comparison to Vincent Iacopino’s “It should not be Permissible to Torture Suspected Terrorists to Gather Information”. Michael Levin has a stronger persuasive argument and Vincent Iacopino’s essay is weak in reasoning. In “It should not be Permissible to Torture Suspected Terrorists to Gather Information”, Vincent Iacopino is against torture and mainly uses the persuasion method of answering the opposition, and some referring to an authority. Iacopino uses the ticking time bomb scenario to show how unrealistic it is to use that as a defense to justify torture. When Iacopino says “labeling torture as a ‘stress and duress’ interrogation technique does not alter the brutality that it represents”, he shows that just because you change the name from torture to stress and duress it doesn’t change to severity of it and it doesn’t make it any more justifiable. He also states that “torture does not make any one person or society safer or more secure. States that torture undermine their authority and legitimacy.” With this statement he explains that a country that tortures is going against a global union against torture, that that country is making itself look barbaric and unnatural. All of these statements are examples of using the answering the opposition persuasion technique. This is effective because these are common arguments people can use when they are trying to defend the idea that torture can be acceptable. Iacopino states...
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