English 101 Mercury Reader Unit 2

Topics: American football, Hyundai Santa Fe, Hyundai Motor Company Pages: 4 (1573 words) Published: May 16, 2013
English 101
Analyzing the Hyundai Santa Fe “Big Game Ad”
The ad that I have picked to analyze is the Hyundai Santa Fe “Big Game Ad”. The first time I ever saw this ad was on Pandora.com, and then once again in class as we were discussing different ads. This ad was also one of the ads that aired during the super bowl of 2013. This is a commercial about a boy who is bullied by a few other boys and is challenged to a football game. This commercial portrays the “underdogs” as winners because they are driving the new Hyundai. A few of the fifteen basic appeals this ad uses includes the need to aggress, need to achieve, need to dominate, and lastly, the need for autonomy. This commercial starts with a little boy who is playing with his football when a group of bigger boys come and take it from him. The little boy tries to get it back, but they tell him “come back when you have a team”. The boy decides to accept the challenge from the other boys. Soon after accepting the challenge, he runs into the house to get his mother. Then together, they get into the Hyundai they put their game faces on and start making rounds to get the little boys friends. The first two boys they stop to pick up are lifting weights in his driveway as they drive up. The two boys share similar qualities such as hair color so I’m assuming that they are brothers. They appear to be lifting a large amount of weight on the outdoor gym set. The next stop they make is to a garage to pick up a boy who is working on a car using fire with his dad. The fourth boy they stop to get is wrestling with a big grizzly bear. There is a huge crowd around the boy as he has the grizzly bear in a headlock using his legs. The last boy they picked was carrying a fully-grown man out of a burning building. After picking up all of the little boys in the Hyundai, the mother drops them off to play football with the group of bigger boys. The bigger boy from the beginning of the commercial who took the little boys football...
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