English 101 Homework

Topics: Feeling, Obesity, Child Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: October 19, 2010
1. The reasons you and your parents selected this university: We chose this university because it offers a lot of opportunities to the students to improve their skills and participate in many activities provided by this university, for instance different social clubs, sport clubs and culture clubs, also they get to know different cultures and different people. The most important reason to choose this university is the high level of education provided to the students to achieve their goal in life by completing a major and choosing the best career for each and every one of them to make a positive difference in their family, society and eventually their country.

2. The major causes of conflict between parents and their children: When a child becomes a teenager, a conflict is inflamed between him and his parents because he wants to demonstrate his personality and show that he is independent from his parents by doing anything he wants without asking them, also getting into trouble and not doing well in school because of some bad friends that affect him negatively.

1. Effects you have experienced from exercising or changing your diet: Exercising or changing a diet has many positive effects on someone for example, losing weight will maintain health and good figure, exercising will give energy to the body and improve a person’s self-esteem.

2. The effects losing a job can have on a person’s self-esteem: When someone looses his job, his self-esteem will be affected negatively. Loosing a job results bad feelings for example the feeling of being a looser that is not able to do anything can lower self-esteem, also if someone looses his job he will feel as if he is a burden on others because he’s only consuming and not producing, another thing to add is that he will feel bored all the day at home not doing anything.

Understanding context:
1. According to Gatto’s...
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