English 101- California: Opportunites or Obstacles

Topics: California, Life, Opportunity rover Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: July 26, 2012
Around the world, there are many countries, states, cities, and communities that live in poverty and cannot do much based on their surroundings and resources. Many people travel over to California in order to seek positive opportunities that will allow them to build a new life and succeed in their future. In the book California Dreams and Realities by Jack Solomon and Sonia Maasik, there are different selections which describe reasons on why people look to California as “the pursuit of life” such as jobs, land, and luxury. However, there are deeper reasons and symbols that give California the image of a great place. Freedom, wealth, and experience make California the start of great opportunities and live up to the ideal “dream life” that it is known to be.

It is learned through history that as time passed by many people lived through racism, sexism, or didn’t have the power to make decisions for themselves. The importance of ones freedom is not only ethical but it also gives a sense of not having a limit of who you want to be. In the selection A New Perspective on the Dream by Denise S. Spooner, she mentions that “Southern California in the postwar years represented a place where their lives could be different, where they would be free to express their individuality as openly or privately as they wished” (42). This here shows that many immigrants wanted to come to the Midwest in order to escape a judgmental life, and build a life of freedom to be comfortable with whom they were. Many would say that having freedom is a “privilege”, but for migrants that lived elsewhere and were seeking to travel over to California looked at it as one of the best “opportunities” that California had to offer. In Proofs by Richard Rodriguez, he wrote “For attribution, mama says she is grateful for America. This Country has been so good to her family. They have been here for ten years and look already they have this nice house” (66). The migration from Mexico to California allowed...
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