English 101 Assignment 1

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Assignment 1:
While reading about the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s English 101 course in the class syllabus, Student Guide, and pages in the DK Handbook, I have made many conclusions. This course is solely about reading, writing, and reflecting on what one has learned. The class will consist of a lot of critical evaluations, in others’ works and especially in our own works. The course builds on what students already know about reading and writing, and it invites them to develop more complicated strategies for responding to their own concerns and the concerns of others. (A Student’s Guide to the First-Year Writing Program 5)

In high school, it was a requirement to take four credits of English classes. Each year the classes seemed the same, where you are given a topic and you have a set structure on how to write. Each essay or paper had to be at least five paragraphs long, including an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. As I read about the English 101 course, I learned that writing doesn’t need to have a set structure. Writing can portray your concerns, thoughts, or words in as little as one paragraph, or as many as six pages. I feel that this course will help bring out my full capability of writing as the semester goes on. Being able to create my own writing strategies will help my thoughts flow onto paper, unlike having a set structure in each paper.

We do not award letter grades in this course, except for the final grade for the class. (Perso 1) Knowing that in English 101, we do not get a confirmed grade on each piece that we write, makes me a lot more confident about my writing. This class gives multiple opportunities for you and others to revise and rewrite works. In high school, you wrote and revised your own papers then handed them in for a final grade. I like that you have more than one chance to better your writing.
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