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Topics: Ethnic group, Spanish language, Spanish American Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: June 27, 2012
1. Barrientos article’s title being in Spanish shows me that the essay has something relate to Spanish, and that it might be about Spanish, the language, Spanish countries, or Spanish people. The title shows that she is real proud of being Hispanic or proud of being able to speak Spanish. most parts of the article don’t support the impression given by the title, because she didn’t speak Spanish growing up. 2. Barrientos begins her essay with an anecdote about signing up for a Spanish class, shows that the essay is about what she went through just to be able to sign up for the class. It also shows that Barrientos will share details of how the Spanish class went, if she was able to take the class. She can also share the trouble she had and how she felt about them, if she wasn’t able to take the class. Barrientos’ anecdote does attract my attention. It make the essay sounds like is going to be real interesting. 3. Barrientos’ significance of learning Spanish is for her to feel like she is real Spanish not a hopeless gringas. She avoided being called Spanish because, to her Spanish meant being poor. It meant waiting tables and cleaning hotel rooms. When the nation changed ethnic identity, she realized that she didn’t feel anywhere. She decided to take the Spanish class in order for her to feel real Hispanic. 4. The reason Barrientos peppers her essay with Spanish words and phrases, without offering any English translation, is probably because she doesn’t know what it means. She hears Spanish people around her speaking or in class but never asked them what it means in English because she didn’t want to get the look. Or it could be because they are just words and phrases but not sentences, the reader would somehow figured what it means, or what she meant according to the way she said it. Her stance would sound different if she translated in English because it could show that she has actually learned the Spanish already.
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