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What is crazy? Well according to the dictionary it is “when someone is impractical, demented, insane, or totally unsound” but to me it is something different; to me it is well really it is my mother. Not just the things she does but also the look on her face when she does it. The other day, my mom asked me to go to the store with her, I agreed of course because I did not want her going off on me like she does usually. So we got in the car, then she said she left the keys in the house, I went in the house to get the keys and to my surprise I heard the car start, I figured she had found the keys and walked back outside to get in the car and it was gone. The only trace left was the smoke in the air as she peeled rubber down the road. That is just an example of her most recent act. The look on her face, when she does it is what really shows you she is just not right. A few weeks ago she decided to cook us chili, when I saw her face as she was cooking, it sent chills down my spine; she had this giant grin and I swear I heard a muffled cackle as her eyes glared into the pot of boiling chili. She then beat her spoon on the side of the pot, to tell us it was time to eat. As we walked in she handed us our bowls filled with bright red chili, my dad and I sat down and started eating, soon our mouths started to burn so bad it felt as if we could breathe fire. We then noticed she had three empty bottles of hot sauce sitting in the kitchen, as she sat there eating her sandwich with a wicked grin on her face, she then proclaimed “Next time you’ll take out the garbage”. So there you go that is my definition of crazy, though it may differ from the dictionaries, what else would you call it?
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