England & Ottoman Empire

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Comparing Empires Essay: England and the Ottoman Empire
Since ancient times, civilizations had their own methods of expanding and maintaining their territories. The different strategies and structures are what shape the empire.
The Ottoman Empire was a powerful empire during its time. It conquered and weakened many important cities such as Constantinople and Venice. They Ottoman Empire expanded as a result of the shrewdness of its founder, Osman and his descendants, control of a strategic link between Europe and Asia at Gallipoli on the Dardanelles strait, and an army that took advantage of traditional Turkish cavalryman and new military possibilities from gun powder and Christian prisoners of war. Trade at Venice showed the importance of the Ottoman trade in the Mediterranean. The Ottoman’s use of Janissaries was significant.

England was maintained and expanded in several different ways. England had many political innovations. The Thirty Years War from 1618-1648 produced improvements on their weaponry and in skill of English armed forces. The expansion of English colonies into the Americas was caused by the longing for religious freedom and renovations by several religious groups such as the Puritans and the Pilgrims, and wealth. England made several efforts to establish colonies in North America and relied on private investors. An example of a private investment was the Virginia Company, which wanted to colonize Virginia. English territories relied on trade in order to maintain over sea colonies. Chartered companies were important in the West Indies. Slave trade was also important in the establishment of English territories. Slave trade brought in a lot of wealth in over sea trading and was important in growing crops.

These two separate kingdoms have their differences and similarities that make them unique. The Ottoman were not very interested and did not rely on trade as much as England did. Also England traveled overseas to expand their territories,...
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