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Topics: World War I, John McCrae, World War II Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: March 31, 2013
During World War 1, nature seems to have been one of the many things that were destroyed by war. The Wars is anti war novel that was written by Timothy Findley and published in 1977. “In Flanders Fields” is a poem written by John McCrae. “Attack” is a poem written by Siegfried Sassoon. The above three authors portray to the readers of their book or poems how nature is affected by the war. They all use nature as they’re anti war theme. Protection of nature is important; the above-mentioned authors are going to show us in their books how nature has been affected by the war in many various ways.

Most cruelties against nature in this novel are committed without any stated reason given. The first cruelty that we see in this novel is the killing of the rabbits of Robert's sister Rowena. For no particular reason the mother hires someone to kill the rabbits after Robert refused to do so, Robert did not want the rabbits killed and asked his mum "Why do the rabbits have to be killed? Because they were hers”(18). Robert promised Rowena that he would stay with her forever and that the rabbits would stay forever, too. He wants at least one of these promises to be kept. There really is not any stated reason to the act of killing. Roberts mother basically never cared about the rabbits the only reason the rabbits were alive at the first place was because of her daughter Rowena, other wise the mother sees no reason to why the rabbits should be alive if her daughter is dead, Robert was someone this is one of the reasons Robert joined the war, he was really angry at his mothers decisions and decided to get away and go against her. This is an attack against the rights of the animals. According to Findley, “A bird sang, something like a white-throated sparrow: one long note descending; three that wavered”. The animals are used as symbols of hope and peace, portraying the will to survive that is strong in all. This quote proves the scarcity of nature during the war, one of German...
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