Engineers Need to Know About Economics

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  • Published : November 29, 2012
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Title of presentation
Engineering students should learn economics.
I chose this topic because it related directly to my audience whom are mostly engineering students.

Knowledge level of audience
My audience and I will graduated in a few years and the topic that I will deliver closely linked to my audience. Every student should aware about their challenges that they will face in the future. I hope the speech that I will convey could give some basic preparation in the future especially in managing their wealth and for preparation to start a business. How I plan to gain the audience’s attention

I would like to start the presentation by sharing the statistic of bankruptcy in Malaysia due to poor managing the wealth. Mostly, the fresh graduates encounter this problem because they want to have luxury car and home at young age.

1) Introduction
Purpose and importance of this topic
To persuade my audience especially engineering students that they should prepare themselves with economic skills because they need both to become good engineer. Great ideas of engineering but do not have money to implement is a failure. How the topic relevant to the audience

In the modern world of today filled with the latest technology one can ever dream of, competing with others to have a good qualification in education is not an unusual phenomena. Having just engineering based knowledge is not enough to become a good engineer. It is because money is one of important factor in completing a project. Furthermore, fresh graduates also need to manage their wealth well since a lot of graduates facing problem because lack of information about the loans that they have made.

Thesis statement:
Engineers students should prepared themselves with economic empowerment so that they could manage their wealth, help them in starting their own business or during managerial period. Main points:
* Economics is important in helping fresh graduates to manage their money...
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