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Engineering Rights

By | November 2010
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ECE 481 Ethics in  Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lecture #7: Engineer’s Responsibilities and Rights

Prof. K.M. Passino
Ohio State University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professionalism at the workplace…

•  Professionalism at work involves competence, a sense of fun and excitement, good conduct, and personal commitments •  Engineer’s main responsibility: Top performance and professionalism •  What are the key issues at work?

•  Some things matter, some do not? Which ones? Many different perspectives... •  Example: Dress code?
•  Example: Office space/decor “code”? Tech-inspire

•  Ethical corporate climate:


–  Ethical values in full complexity are acknowledged
–  Responsibilities to constituencies affirmed (other teams, departments, administration, clients/customers) –  Ethical language is acceptable (you can say what you think is right and wrong) –  Management (you?) sets moral tone in words, policies, and personal examples, and each person does too. –  Examples: Lunch/break lengths,

work diligence, time sheets
–  Procedures for conflict
resolution in teams are important
Ethics is not just doing what makes
the company money!

•  Loyalty and collegiality:

–  Example: Acceptance of job offer, what do you owe the company? Can you interview? Take another offer? –  As an employee, fulfill contractual duties to employer (get the job done to your best abilities) –  Example: Has corporate loyalty to employees degraded? How easily can you get fired if you are performing well? Does this imply that your loyalty should degrade? Creates a bad tone! –  Attitude (collegiality)

•  •  •  •  Willingly seek to perform duties Enthusiastic, not “forced”
Closely related to loyalty
Over long time periods good attitude can be difficult to maintain

•  Managers and engineers

–  Respect authority, but…
–  Your demands for professionalism, and...

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