Engineering Research Paper

Topics: Mechanical engineering, Engineering, DNA Pages: 9 (2967 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Thesis Statement
After exploring the field of engineering, it will be determined whether mechanical or genetic is better. Outline
I. Introduction
A. Intro of two careers
II. Mechanical Engineering
A. Description of career
B. History
C. The Job
1. Types of Jobs
2. Work Environment
3. Salary
D. Education
III. Genetic Engineering
A. Description of career
B. History
C. Potential risks and dangers
IV. Conclusion

In the modern times of today, the world revolves around technology. With astonishing breakthroughs in science and technology every single day, the world is always changing, always adapting to the next big thing. To be more specific, the world revolves around engineering, genetic and mechanical. There are medicinal breakthroughs in genetic engineering all the time, cures for diseases, much needed vaccinations for new viruses, genetically improving plants for better produce, and overall improving different organisms so they will be better suited for life. On the other hand, in mechanical engineering, breakthroughs happen more often: better fuel efficient cars and cars that don’t run on gas at all, faster processing computers, new smart phones, and so many other gadgets that make life so much easier. Both of these fields are very important to society. The world literally wouldn’t be anywhere close to being the same without one or both of these fields, but which one is better? They each have equal importance in the world, but which is a better field to go into? Which field is easier to get into? Which will provide better benefits for its employees and for the world as a whole? After vigorous research the answer will be known. Mechanical Engineering: Description of career

Mechanical engineers plan and design tools, engines, machines, and other mechanical systems that produce, transmit, or use power. These designs range from gasoline engines to rockets to kitchen food mixers. Their work varies by industry, employers, and function. They may work in design, instrumentation, testing, robotics, which is whole different field, transportation, or bioengineering (Careers in Focus, pg.83). Mechanical engineering is the broadest of all engineering disciplines and fields; it extends across many interdependent specialties. Mechanical engineers may work in productions operations, maintenance, or technical sales and finance. There also many engineering administrators or managers (Engineering Careers, pg.95). There are approximately 221,000 mechanical engineers employed in the United States ( Mechanical Engineering: History

The earliest people who might have been called mechanical engineers were the ones who built things, large or small, safely and efficiently. Mechanical engineering has existed for thousands of years. Although on a simpler scale, pyramid building in ancient Egypt, for example, required extensive knowledge of engineering principles, large blocks of two and even three ton stone were transported and positioned perfectly to make the pyramids the world knows today (Mech. Eng. New Book of Knowledge pg.224).

The Ancient Greeks and Romans were also great builders, and also very influential on western civilizations architectural style. Unlike the Egyptians, they developed and made use of elaborate mechanical devices, like water pumps and power generating treadmills that were used for lifting and moving heavy objects. The Greeks even invented a steam engine, but back then they viewed it as a toy and not useful (Careers in Focus pg.84).

The term engineer was coined in the 14th century. It applied only to those who designed equipment for war. Their achievements were so important that the strength of a country’s military became heavily dependent on their inventions. Engineers who worked on civilian projects became simply known as civil engineers. Later, engineers who worked on machinery and generating power were called...
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