Engineering Psychology

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Assignment 1
1. Principle of Proximity

Textual Description: This was taken from the latest Microsoft Word 2012 format. One of plus points of the current design is that the label headings are based on how one would tend to edit their document. For instance, I would usually start at the home page label, and go on to the next label, insert and etc. Therefore, based upon this principal, the designers placed the headings in close proximity in accordance to how one would usually perform and edit their documents.

2. Principle of Similarity

Textual Description: This was also captured from the latest Microsoft Word format. By clicking on the bullets link, the programme immediately directs me to a variety of bullets points. It emphasizes the law of similarity clearly as it showcases how similar items are grouped together and labelled under a distinct category. Through such means, users are able to easily perceive and navigate through various functions with the expectancy that similar items are grouped together. This implies that they will not have to look for bullets points in other areas as it is already categorized within the bullet library.

3. Principle of Closure

Textual Description: This is an often seen layout whenever I send a text message to someone. I do not view this as distinct, individual and random characters; instead I view it as a group of letters that aid in communicating my message to others. This accurately resembles a mini keyboard that I have been familiar with for years, therefore, the order of the alphabets forms a wholesome complete picture of texting characters. In a way, it relates to the principle of closure as it has all the necessary characters, numbers and symbols that enable me to effectively convey my message to others. 4. Principle of Continuation


Textual Description: The Safari web browser illustrates this point quite well. When I click on the view...
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