Engineering Project Managment Contract Sample

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1. Requirements Mentioned(By Vendor )
2. Our Response
3. Scope
4. Objectives
5. Project Approach
6. Project Life Cycle
7. Contract Price
8. Training Requirements
9. About Us
10. Partnership Laws
11. Contract Act
12. Contract Agreement
13. Confidential Information
14. Our Warranties
15. Agreement

1. Requirements Mentioned (By Vendor)
Economical solar vehicle is the most environmental friendly vehicle ever. It has no hazardous impacts on whole biomes, no air pollution, and no water pollution, indeed it is 100 percent natural. While other vehicles cause a lot of mess which directly includes effects on our ecosystem as well as creates economical crisis too. As we are 3rd world country therefore it is best solution to cater these drawbacks by installing different solar systems all over the country. As it is almost impossible to have a cheap car in this economical crisis therefore we need to work on easy source of energy as well as economical therefore “Economical Solar Vehicle” will be the most effective vehicle in this country and many more. We need Support in the following areas:

1. Creating a complete solar vehicle.
2. Vehicle must be able to drive at least 1 man.
3. Efficient and economical vehicle is needed.
4. Lay man must be able to drive this vehicle
5. Demands must be clear.

2. Our Response
We are eager and interested to work on this project and we will support in development and quality assurance of Economical Solar Vehicle. Key elements of our work will be:
1. Creating vehicle frame.
2. Installing electronic devices.
3. Fabrication.
4. Production of guides, case studies and additional information.
2.1 Description of Services

We shall perform all design, engineering, procurement, construction and validation services. All goods, materials, supplies and equipment to be procured, transported, installed, or validated, and all services to be

Performed by us are hereinafter referred to as the

2.2 Our Responsibilities
1. Prepare drawings, specifications and other such items necessary or appropriate for the completion of the Services. 2. Procure machinery, equipment, materials, supplies(other than ethanol, feedstock, and operational supplies required

3. Place and administer construction subcontracts, purchase orders and other such agreements necessary for the completion of the Services and supervise and direct the Services using its best skill and attention to assure that the Project is completed in a good and workmanlike manner

3. Scope:
The vehicle will contain a automatic adjustable solar panel that will automatically figure out the maximum rays of sun and adjust the solar panel so that maximum rays fall on the solar panel that will quickly and efficiently charge the battery. A digital speedometer will also be constructed that will display speed of the vehicle and other indicators will also be there in front of the driver which are useful in driving the vehicle. The minimum speed vehicle can achieve is almost 30 km/hr.

4. Objectives:
Objective of the project is to create an economical vehicle that can replace other cars that run on hydrocarbons that also emits a lot of hazardous gases that are really dangerous to humans as well as the whole ecosystem and its un economical too. This vehicle will be almost free, one time payment and you can run it for your complete life. It requires almost zero maintenance .

5. Project Approach

5.1 Gathering Data
The team will first do its analysis regarding this project easy way of implementation and cost effective analysis. For this project we will contact with different professionals working on this project and will work on market value analysis of our project.

5.2 Structure...
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