Engineering Practicum Procedures

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Engineering Practicum Procedures
Requirements for a Successful Experience

The successful completion of the Engineering Practicum unit (ENS4111) requires 0 One or more certificates signed by the employer(s) confirming that the student has completed at least 12 weeks of equivalent full time work experience in an engineering environment. 1 A report of typically 2000-3000 words that describes the engineering experiences gained during one contiguous period of employment with one company. Care should be taken in the preparation of the practicum report. The quality of this report is a measure of your ability to document your experiences as a professional engineer. The ability to accurately document your learning experiences is an essential skill for gaining full accreditation status as a Chartered Professional Engineer by Engineers Australia. The student should maintain a Professional Development Log for the period of the practicum. This log can provide most of the material for the final report. In some cases, the student will need to prepare a report for the company as a part of their designated activities with the company. In such cases this report can form the basis of the practicum report, with the inclusion of suitable introduction that links it with the practicum objectives.

Student reporting tasks
1. Introduce the company - its main products and services, the size of its workforce, the range of engineering tasks, and its client base. 2. Briefly describe your activities within the company, concentrating on those activities related to engineering development. 3. Describe one activity in detail. If this is a specific project then document its purpose, the range of tasks, the relationships between the various players in the project (not just between the engineers), your role, and its status at both your entry and exit from the project. 4. Describe any benefits you gained in understanding the engineering profession from this practicum experience. In particular, did your experiences highlight the importance of any specific generic attributes of engineers as listed by Engineers Australia? Did your experience identify other attributes that you feel would be beneficial to an engineer? 5. Include samples of your Professional Development Log maintained during the practicum.

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Engineers Australia strongly advocates that students undertake at least 12 weeks of exposure to professional engineering practice during their engineering courses.

Each student enrolled in any of the engineering degree programs at Edith Cowan University is required to gain at least 12 weeks practical work experience before they can graduate from their degree. It is expected that this practical experience would enable the student to work with professional engineers in office, laboratory or site-based environments, where the student could appreciate a range of industry issues that relate to engineers and engineering practice.

This exposure is normally obtained through paid employment during the summer vacation period. At the end of each period of employment the student is required to submit a Practicum Certificate that is completed by both the student and the employer or employer’s nominee. The student is also required to submit a brief Practicum Report that describes their experiences during at least one of these employment periods.

For further information, please contact:

A/Prof Adam Osseiran
Engineering Practicum Coordinator
School of Engineering
Edith Cowan University
Tel: +61 (0)8 6304 5752

Edith Cowan University
School of Engineering

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