Engineering Management

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  • Published : September 11, 2011
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1. What is leading? Why is it important to the engineer manager?

Leading is that management function which involves influencing others to engage in the work behaviors necessary to reach organizational goals. The definition indicates that a person or group of persons tasked with managing a group must assume the role performed by leaders.

2. How do leaders influence others?

Engineer managers are expected to maintain effective work forces. To be able to do so, they are required to perform leadership roles. Leaders are said to be able to influence others because of the power they possess. Power refers to the ability of a leader to exert force on another.

3. What is meant by referent power? Give an example of a person with referent power.

When a person can get compliance from another because the latter would want to be identified with former, that person is said to have referent power.

4. Why is it important for a leader to have “the desire to lead”? What happens if the said desire is not present?

Leaders with a desire to lead will always have a reservoir of extra efforts which can be used whenever needed.

They will not be effective because their efforts will be half-hearted.

5. What is meant by “charisma”? Is it necessary ingredient for leadership?

When a person has sufficient personal magnetism that leads people to follow his directives, this person is said to have charisma.

It is a necessary ingredient for leadership.

6. What is meant by “human skills”? How many these skills help the leader?

It’s the ability of a leader to deal with people, both inside and outside the organization. Good leaders must know how to get along with people, motivate them, and inspire them.

The skills will help the leader are, motivating, coaching, communicating, morale building, training and development, help and supportiveness, and delegating.

7. How is positive leadership...
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