Engineering Management

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It is my absolute pleasure to write this statement of purpose to explain about my interests and to share my inspirations, career goals and professional qualifications.

I dare to claim that throughout my life curiosity has been the main feature of my personal character. I always sought new challenges, new questions and new answers and I do believe that it has been this lust for novelty which has led me toward educational success. . I completed my higher secondary examination scoring 78% in basic sciences. My undergraduate education has provided a thorough exposure to the various specialties available in Electronics engineering, thus stimulating interest in advanced research.

The nature of undergraduate study does not offer enough scope for individual expression while rapidly advancing technology necessitates mastery of particular areas. I look at M.S program as essential tools towards excelling in my field of interest and platform. I would like to pursue graduate studies in specialized field of engineering management in a committed manner and I am confident of contributing considerably to the growth of this field. A fascination for science and keen interest in the ever growing world of technology motivated me to take up Engineering.

Engineering management is a specialized form of management concerned with application in engineering as a result of unique personalities and technical nature of engineering and this factor has persuaded me to take up my graduate studies in this field

Though my undergraduate study has given me a good exposure to the breadth of the concepts of Electronics engineering, I have never had the opportunity to fathom its depths. I feel that graduate study is essential to give me the preparation necessary for a planned career in my chosen field. I found that I was more interested in applying my knowledge practically and wanted to choose a field, which gave me this privilege....
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