Engineering Disciples

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Engineering Disciplines Oral Presentation

The purpose of this project is to provide a better understanding of the different engineering disciplines offered at the University. Students will be divided into teams. Each team will prepare a presentation on a discipline to be presented to the class. This presentation serves as a means for students to learn, in-depth, about a major outside of their areas of interest. The assumption is that students haven’t had much information presented to them about these disciplines and opportunities afforded by them. After the presentations, each student will be armed with sheets of information about different disciplines and will learn a little something more about each in order to make a better-informed decision on their career goals. Students should put into it what they expect to get out of it. In other words, the more detailed they get, the more they will help each other and vice versa. Learning Objectives or Student Outcomes:

By the end of this lesson or activity, students will be able to work as a team, using a variety of resources, to create a ten minute presentation and accompanying handout describing an engineering discipline. Length of Project:

The length of the project depends on the time constraints of the instructor. Since it is not content-related to a particular course, but rather a project designed to introduce freshman students to the different engineering disciplines, it can be done on any timeline during the semester. One constraint that should be considered, however, is any deadline regarding declaration of specific engineering major. Team Size/Composition:

Teams of 4 work best, although teams of 3 or 5 students each may be formed if necessary. If established teams have already been established for the term, they should work in the same teams to accomplish this project. How is individual accountability built in to the project?

In a project like this, where there is no individual...
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