Engineering Disasters

Topics: Burj Khalifa, Warsaw radio mast, KVLY-TV mast Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: November 10, 2012
We can also call Engineering as in invisible science. No one can actually see how it works but it actually exists like an air. Example: Plain flies, building stands and many more. We don’t think how a building can stand weight without collapsing. Similar to apple’s company’s Moto ‘it just works. Here the main problems are not the designs but the material the use up building that design. The concept of total cost minimization is the roots of such accidents that just ruins lives and carrier of people cause after all the one who are weak have to pay in the end. As a great person said everything is not perfect. There is always a fault that causes blunder to life and property. Here where many projects are brought up and of them many, some are practically implemented and of some few fail. The one which fail cost damage to property and human life. In my view the first worse case is the buffalo creek disaster. This disaster is an accident or tragedy it’s hard to figure out. On the morning of 26 February 1972 the dam that had been build failed. Although the official was warned about the consequences and dangers of floods, but the residents were not informed. This led to a huge loss. There slightest communication gap with the people cost them their lives. 130 million gallons of water just swept through the narrow valley. This disaster killed 125 people, injured 1,000 and left 4,000 homeless and addition to it more than 500 homes were lost or destroyed, 44 mobile homes were demolished and 273 homes were severely damaged. Also more than 1,000 vehicles, 10 bridges and 30 businesses were destroyed. Now residents of the coalfields also express their fears of possible floods. Others fear a collapse of similar dams made of coal waste. The ‘federal Surface Mining Control’ and ‘Reclamation Act’ was enacted after that incidence. But luckily so far no dams have broken. Officials claimed the flood was "an act of God", and argued that there was nothing wrong...
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