Engineering Design

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1. Engineering design generally involves five steps : developing a statement of the problem and/or a set of specifications, gathering information pertinent to the problem, designing several alternatives that meet the specifications, analyzing the alternatives and selecting the best one, and testing and implementing the best design. Discuss how is ethical problem solving shares similar attributes with engineering design.

Ethical problem solving shares similar attributes with engineering design. Both type of problems require a large body of knowledge and analytical skills. They are complex, often ill defined; resolving them involves an iterative process of analysis and synthesis; and there can be more than one acceptable solution.

The similarities between moral problems and engineering design problems are instructive for thinking about the resolution of moral problems and correcting some common fallacies about them.

Ethical problems that call both for solving and for coping have their counterpart in design problems, although good ways of coping count as "solutions" in the case of design problems. For example, design of a system of drainage ditches to cope with (that is, to prevent damage from) periodic flooding of a nearby river counts as solving the problem of how to cope with periodic flooding, although the drainage ditches do not keep the river from flooding.

Design problems are problems of making or repairing things and processes to satisfy wants and needs. The analogy with moral problems holds for a variety of design problems, from designing or repairing a book-shelf to devising a rotating work schedule, to designing or redesigning an experiment.

Both ethics and engineering design problem appreciates the importance of practical as well as theoretical problems and of synthetic as well as analytic reasoning and possible answers to them.

2. Mr. Jason Jomo is a final year engineering student doing a project management project. His work...
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