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**** NOTE ****

* Selection for successful candidates will be done strictly by the NIIED Selection Committee. Therefore, appropriate documents should be submitted by the deadline.

- Dual applications are not accepted. Applicants must apply for this program via only one institution. - Documents should be presented in their original form.
- Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants. - Incomplete or incorrect documents may lead to application rejection or failure in the Selection Committee, and scholarship revocation even after entry into Korea. - In case of submitting photocopied documents, applicants must submit the original to the 1st Selection Institution and have the original one and the photocopied one collated. The confirmation of collation should be indicated in the photocopied documents. - Applicants who are expected to graduate from their respective home undergraduate/graduate institutions by August 31st, 2013, should submit the certificate (or letter) of expected graduation issued by said institutions when they apply; the official certificate of graduation should be received by NIIED by August 31st, 2013. - Applicants must accurately complete the health checklist truthfully. All successful candidates must take a comprehensive medical exam when its’ orientation. In accordance with the requirements of the Korea Immigration Service and the KGSP Program, the candidates who are judged to be physically unfit for this program will not be accepted. - Applicants may submit the copies of published papers, if available. - Applicants may submit the copies of awards, if available.

* Applicants must submit all the documents by the checklist order. (Checklist for the application documents should be on the front page, followed by the required documents, stapled and attached.) * Transferring to a different university after confirming the host university is not permitted in any cases. In regards to changing majors, it would be permitted only under the mutual agreement of the departments concerned only within the same university, with the scholarship period unchanged. (2 years of Master’s, or 3 years of doctoral, in total). However, quitting a program and applying for a new one is not permitted. * One original document and 3 extra copies must be submitted.

지원자 제출서류 체크리스트
| | |
| | |
|*Do not write in this area. |

(Check List for Application Documents)

추천기관 (Institute of Recommendation): Myongji University 확인자(Confirmer): 인 (Signature)

1) Name of Applicant: (given/first name) Anar (family/last name) Seyidov 1) Country: Azerbaijan
3) Desired Degree Program: □ Master’s ?□ Doctoral

(*Please tick (√) in the appropriate box.)
|Application Documents |Submission(Y/N) | |Check List |Yes |No | |01. Personal Data (Attachment #1) | | | |02. Self-Introduction (Attachment #2) | | | |03. Study Plan (Attachment #3) | | | |04. Letter of Recommendation (Attachment #4) | | | |05. Pledge (Attachment #5)...
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