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MAY 2012
Glimmer of Hope Foundation (GLOHF) is a youth-led non-governmental, non- profit organization (comprising of young Nigerian professionals from various disciplines, all under 30years) sub serving young people (age range of 10-25) in Ile-Ife, south western Nigeria, with special bias towards adolescent reproductive health and young people empowerment. This has become imperative seeing that virile young people are the glimmer of hope for the future of our communities and the country at large. The organization, was founded by young Nigerians in the universities, who share similar social economical and cultural background to the target audience and can easily identify with their challenges which breeds acceptance, hence, providing a window of opportunity for intervention in a way that incorporates innovative, socio-culturally acceptable, youthful and youth-owned, yet pragmatic approach towards youth development in the community and the country. BACKGROUND ON CHILDREN’S DAY SUMMIT

This summit is powered by I-LEAD CLUB, a budding of the Glimmer of Hope Foundation, in secondary schools in Ile-Ife, Osun State and serves as a platform for regular interaction with students in their schools with the aim of enlightening and educating them on issues of leadership, entrepreneurship and adolescent reproductive health, with an approach of mentorship. It is founded on the beliefs that:

* Only empowered youth can become great future leaders. Hence all the means to achieve empowerment of young people must be sought, seeing the strength of every country is in her youths. * When targeted at young people prior to initiation of sexual activities, information about both abstinence and contraception can help delay the outset of sexual activities in teenager, promote the practice of safe sex and increase responsible behaviors, when they become sexually active. The...
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