Engelsk Stil - God Save the Pub

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God Save the Pub

Task 1 B.

State your opinion about theme pubs and discuss whether it is a good idea that theme pubs go global.

A lot of people today would state that the good old English pub is dying, especially after the smoking ban on July 1, 2007, and the fact is that 52 pubs are closing every week, and more than 6,000 fewer pubs today than just ten years ago, but ironically there are more places to enjoy a drink now, than just a couple of years ago. And the reason is quite simple, because a lot of the traditional pubs have been transformed into a new generation of pubs, the so called “theme pubs” with excellent beverage and high class food, and some pubs are even serving ecological food and beverage. I think it’s very positive that the traditional English pub is being replaced, so the dark and sultry tobacco men pubs, today often are theme pubs, with an open minded friendly atmosphere where women as well as children can come and talk about what’s going on in the local society.

Young people today know exactly what they want, and they want it in a very high quality in a clean environment, and that’s what most of the new generation of theme pubs can offer today. UK is an island in more than one sense and the British people have always been very conservative and afraid of new changes, phenomena also known as nepotism, as we also known from parts of Denmark like Bornholm etc. But since England joined the European Community in 1973 together with Ireland and Denmark, England has slowly changed to be a global and modern country. Therefore I think that the transformations of the traditional pub into modern theme pubs are a natural development nobody can fight against. But theme pubs can in my opinion also become a problem for the British.

The newspaper of today tells me, that the British has the highest rate of teenage drunkenness, because young teenagers in England are more likely to get drunk than anywhere else in the whole industrial...
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