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 Critique of The Blind Side

Tabitha Teasley

Eng. 225 Introduction to Film

Deborah Cunningham

July 13, 2012




Critique of The Blind Side

            The way a person start in life, will not determine who or what they will become. The Blind Side is based on Micheal Lewis book called, The Blind Side:  Evolution of a game. In this film this young man had a bad life at first.  His talents and give him opportunity to had a good ending in life.  It do not matter what a person had to go through in life, because it only that one opportunity to make a life time change.  This movie involved a boy who was poor and uneducated.  He had a bad beginning, but a recruited seen his talents and gave him the chance. Sometime it take someone else to see the talent another person is working with in life. In this film it takes the film director the props, and the lighting to tell this story.  As this paper take the story one scene at a time, it will show who it take all element together and it will show that it do not matter how a person start in life.

            Storytelling is very important in the film world today.  Each movie has to start with a story.  A story is “a  narrative; all the elements and events that characters experience, whether before, during, or after the plot that is depicted in a book or a movie” (Film: From Watching to Seeing, 2011) Sometimes the person who wrote the script, will be the director also.  If this do not happen, “it take the writers, producers, the director, and the actors, to put the story into action” (Film: From Watching to Seeing).  The storytelling has to have a good story for it to make it to the film world.  The director for  this movie is John Lee Hancock.  “The story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who become an All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family” (The Internet Movie Database).  The storyteller for the  book “The Blind Side” is Michael Lewis. 




Critique of The Blind Side

“Lewis today might be the most insider-ish outsider writer alive”(Maine Living, 2011 ).  He was raised in New Orleans.  He learn is life the “success and happiness are very different things, never become a lawyer, and you do not need a come from a bookish environment to know how to spin a helluva story” (Maine Living, 2011).  “The Blind Side expresses a similar theme of how value often is misjudged and overlooked. The improbable true story of how a young, African-American athlete born to a crack-addicted mother was adopted by a rich, evangelical Christian family, it was turned into a popular film featuring an Oscar-winning performance by Sandra Bullock”( Maine Living, 2011).  This is a true story about Michael Oher.  “He play for the Baltimore Ravens now” (NPR).  He had a very hard childhood.  He was a black male who had to start from scratch after being adopt by a family, who had a daughter” (NPR).  He had no identifying documents, school records, or anything that would demonstrate on paper that he existed.  “His whole life changed when his adoptive mom gave him responsibility”(NPR).  When a person is bought into a environment that they are not accompany with, it is hard to adopt to the change.  For example when the family took him shopping for some clothes, he did not know how to receive them, because he was not used to someone going shopping just for him.

            Acting is what make the movie come to life.  In the textbook, Film: From Watching to Seeing, it states, “Acting is all about honesty.  If you can fake that, you've got it made”.  The actor job is to act.  They pretends to be the character in the movie.  They have to learn their lines and they have to connect with the character they are pretending to be in the film.  The starting actor in the movie “Blind Side”...
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