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  • Published : May 2, 2011
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This is a response to Discussion Question #1 for Week 1 for the course ENG 211. This is to serve as reference, or tutorial, to help you get in the right direction towards successfully answering the Discussion Question. I only post tutorials for courses and assignments that I have received perfect grades. Thank you for choosing my tutorial, and I hope to help you all succeed and achieve your goals. I wish you all well.

Based on the Warrier (2008) article, what are the differences between technical writing and other forms of writing with which you might be familiar? Which is more persuasive: technical or expository writing? Explain your answer. Which type of writing have you seen used more often in the corporate environment?

The differences between technical writing and other forms of writing is that technical writing is short, clear, and direct. It explains how to complete a task. Technical writing has to be done in a clear and easy to read. Expository writing is used to describe the subject to the reader. I feel that technical writing is more persuasive than expository writing. Technical writing is written by an expert on the subject. Expository writings include more details, which can help the writing to be persuasive, but can confuse some readers with all the details involved. Most often the type of writing I have seen in my work environment is technical writing. Management gives us memos that include what tasks need completing, and the steps to complete the tasks.
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