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  • Published : May 26, 2012
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Professor Kris DeAngelis|
Strayer University

The purpose of this document is to present a study of the opportunities for Sweet Feet to expand its business globally and to make an initial proposal that Sweet Feet pursue opportunities in Brazil. Sweet Feet has focused on its United States market, but opportunities exist to penetrate global markets.

In order to complete this analysis, we used web-based Global Marketing Management System Online (GMMSO), which is a strategic planning and marketing tool designed to help complete global marketing analysis. Additional research for this project was completed through visiting with Sweet Feet International Marketing Manager and through independent research using the Internet.

Phase 1 - Key Findings
Sweet Feet is a leading manufacturer of feed block supplements for cattle in the United States but has minimal business overseas. After an evaluation of Sweet Feet ,its products, strategies, international involvement; the overall feed industry; the market; and the competition, our analysis indicated that global opportunities exist for entry by Sweet Feet. The global readiness analysis suggests Sweet Feet use a Foreign Sales Branch.

Phase 2 - Key Findings
Seven countries were evaluated using a macro screening methodology. Cattle population, land area, vegetation and land use, climate, and gross national product were identified as factors that would affect potential sales. These criteria were weighted to give a relative score for each country in an effort to narrow down our selection. Next, market accessibility was evaluated for our three remaining countries for Sweet Feet and its block product. Protection of patents, transportation systems, tariffs, trade embargos, company attitude toward foreign investors, and location of country were each evaluated and scored to give another relative weight, which narrowed our...
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