Eng/221 Week 4 Indv Assignment

Topics: Apple Inc., Technical communication, A Great Way to Care Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: February 18, 2013
User Manual Critique
ENG 221 Technical Writing Fundamentals

User manuals are reference documents designed for use with individual pieces of equipment. The most common being phones, power tools, and electronics. (Dorbin, Keller & Weisser, 2010). In this essay there will be critiquing on the user manual for the iPad version iOS 6.1 Software. This manual was chosen because it is associated with newest iPads. The criteria that will be used are; Audience Recognition, Development, Conciseness, Consistency, Ease of Use and Document Design. (Gerson & Gerson, 2012). Audience Recognition:

Pro: Based off of the many millions of users all over the world, Apple has done a great job at showing visuals and understanding for the many different types of readers. A great example is page 48, paragraph after the picture, they explain to start a conversation you must first tap then tap . This is a great way to show that they understand that a reader can visually see these icons and knows where to go next. Con: One thing that they could have used is an icon Key. On page 12 they have a key for status on the top bar of the phone but not an all icon key. Development:

Pro: Apple provides a developed set of steps to complete the tasks. A great example would be page 49, when sending a picture message it shows you step-by-step directions as well as pictures of the icons to follow to send a picture/video. The steps are simple and precise. On top of page 12 Apple has a Warning label. They encourage you to read it by emphasizing there is a warning to avoid injury, and it links to their Appendix C page for Safety. It provides hazards, technical descriptions, accessories and the tools needed. (Gerson & Gerson, 2012) Con: Even though apple provides several different types of warranties that you can purchase for your apple product, Apple should still have a generic warranty if not reference you to an apple store for warranty information. Conciseness:...
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