Eng 221 Week 3

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Request for Proposal
Felix J Gonzalez
April 18, 2013
Suzanne Watkins

Request for Proposal

Southwire Company

Request for proposal OPS Initiative

Felix J Gonzalez
OPS Manager, Southwire
One Southwire Drive
Carrollton, GA 30119

Organizational Overview

The Southwire Company was founded during 1950 by Roy Richards Sr. Roy launched the Southwire Company in an effort to provide his eighty five year old grandma and his area with electrical energy. During the last fifty-nine years Southwire has expanded to be the world’s number one privately managed cable and wire producing organization. Southwire presently operates several units throughout North America with worker quantities varying roughly 5,000. Around a hundred thirty five countries are supplied with Southwire products and a 5th of all homes have different kinds of Southwire’s product. Southwire’s business headquarters are situated in Roy Richards’s home town of Carrollton, Georgia. Southwire is known as the world’s top inventor and supplier of cable and wire. Southwire’s mission is to relentlessly continue operational excellence to remain ahead of our rivalry.

Project Overview

The objective of this offer is to hire outside instructors who will help the growth of Southwire’s Operational Perfection System (OPS program).


Southwire is presently along the way of achieving the Occupational Safety and Health Administrations (OSHA) desired Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) honor. Family has remained one of Southwire’s unifying concepts all through the company’s past. Southwire has selected to accomplish VPP reputation so as to offer workers with unmatched working environments. The execution of OSHA’s VPP will encourage effective worksite-based security and healthy working environments for all workers. The development of OPS tradition will contribute to business achievement and help the VPP process. OPS will actively create...
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