Eng 221 Week 2 Team

Topics: Experience, University Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: July 3, 2012
Learning Team Assignment
Our team is going to be use the University of Phoenix eCampus website for our final assignment and presentation. Our team chose to use the eCampus due to our familiarity with this section of the website. Another factor in our decision is that every student attending the University of Phoenix, whether on ground or on-line, must access the student eCampus for their classroom materials and discussion boards. This assignment is going to have a limited scope, as the student eCampus website has many areas that the student can use to gather information. Some of the areas include the University of Phoenix library, information on that particular students program and account, as well as a form of social networking that is called PhoenixConnect. Our final assignment is going to limit the scope to the classroom section of the website as this is the section every student will access the most. There will be references to the other sections listed that give a brief overview of those sections and how to access them on the eCampus website, but we will not go into detail of how to use those sections. Our team believes this to be an important section to write a manual for as every student must use this website, and there can be many questions as to how to use certain areas. Due to our familiarity with the website, we believe that we will be capable of combining our knowledge and experience of the website in a manner that will produce a user manual for the eCampus website that will be very helpful to new, and even experienced users. Our different views and different experiences with the website will allow us to bring a variety to the table that will help us to cover many areas and questions of the website that would otherwise go unnoticed if this was being done by a single individual.
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